The Importance of Skin Care with Incontinence

When experiencing incontinence, the pH level in urine and the wide variety of bacteria it contains can be harsh on skin, causing immune reactions such as redness and leaving the skin more susceptible to rashes and infections. Those wearing incontinence pads and briefs experience more problems with this due to the length of time their skin is exposed to urine and other waste materials. Good skin care is essential to improve the health of affected skin, and to prevent these symptoms from occurring again.

A two-part strategy of cleansing and moisturizing can help prevent the skin problems that can occur with incontinence. Regular changing of pads and briefs and thorough wiping of all underlying areas is important, but is often not enough to remove all the traces of urine and waste that may still be present on the skin. Washing with soap, or another type of disinfecting cleanser can kill harmful bacteria. Following this up with a moisturizer can help improve and maintain your skin's condition and resistance to future infections.

Only Incontinence offers a number of pre-moistened disinfecting wipes, which are disposable and convenient to use both at home and to carry with you wherever you go. We also offer foaming cleansers, such as Olivamine, which serve a dual purpose of cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Take a look at our skin care collection to find the products you need for optimal skin health.