What Are the Different Nebulizer Types and How Do They Work?

Nebulizer systems can achieve their ultimate goal of delivering medication and are classified by the following three methods:

Compressor Nebulizer System: The most popular types of nebulizer system is the compressor nebulizer.  Also known as a jet nebulizer, these systems work by creating enough pressure to force compressed air into the medication cup where it meets the medication and aerosolizes it (turns it into mist / small particles. The mist is now expelled from the cup through a soft tube and into either a mouthpiece (oral) or to a mask (nasal).  This method of nebulization is used by most respiratory care centers, professional institutions, and at home as well.  Our most popular and powerful models are manufactured by Pari and include the Pari Vios and Pari Trek S. Only Medical Products carries a wide range of compressor nebulizers including battery operated units which are ideal for travel.

Ultrasonic Nebulizer System: Ultrasonic nebulizers achieve the same end goal as the other nebulizer systems however they use ultrasonic sound waves to achieve turning medication into mist.  They are faster and more efficient that compressor nebulizers saving you money through more productive usage of medication. Aerosol particles are delivered the same way through tubing and a mouthpiece or mask as compressor systems.  However, because of the intense mechanical force being generated, there is a buildup of heat which adds certain restrictions to the types of medications that are compatible with these types of units. If you are looking for a great ultrasonic nebulizer system, then the Hercules Beetle is a great choice.

Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer System: Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer Systems work by vibrating a physical mesh / membrane using micropump technology for aerosol production.  These are new, cutting edge systems that are silent, have short treatment times, increased output efficiency and minimal waste or residual volume. Advantages of mesh nebulizers include consistent and improved aerosol generation efficiency, a predominantly fine-particle fraction reaching into the peripheral lung, low residual volume, and the ability to nebulize in low drug volumes. The size of the pore, the aerosol chamber, and the reservoir, as well as the output rate of mesh nebulizers, can be adjusted for different drugs in order to optimize aerosol drug delivery to patients (27). Mesh nebulizers are more efficient than jet nebulizers and can provide higher drug doses to patients.  These nebulizers are also more expensive than jet nebulizers. The Drive Medical Voyager Pro is a battery-operated vibrating mesh nebulizer which has quickly become a very popular choice among those looking for a silent, fast, and efficient vibrating mesh nebulizer system.