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This reusable nebulizer set was designed with breath-enhanced technology by PARI a leading manufacturer of high quality nebulizers and products. Medication is made into a fine mist or aerosol by your nebulizer machine and delivered into your respiratory system through this set’s mouthpiece. The special design of this set allows you to breath in more medication when you inhale and lose less of it in the air while you exhale. This leads to enhanced nebulizer treatments. Reusable sets need to be replaced only once every six months giving them a longer usage time than some nebulizer kits on the market.

Detailed Description

Reusable nebulizer set

Treatments are fast consistent and efficient

Reduced risk of bacterial contamination


Total Output Rate (TOR) = 400 mg/min

Mass Median Diameter (MMD) = 3.1 µm

Percentage Respirable Fraction (%RF) = 78 %

Average Treatment Time (ATT) = 6.5-8 min

Model # ON - 022F51

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